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Hoooooooooba park

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    What the hell happened to hoobastank and Linkin Park? They droped off the face of the earth. I think Hooba lost a guitarist, and LP had contract disputes.....arg...............we need some fresh music on the radio. CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP is all they play.........ARHGGGGGGGG........:grumpy: :grumpy: And the CD player in my car broke, nooooooooo! Now I cant play army of me, a local band here. www.armyofmeonline.com they're not bad, check them out, or die! I can't find any good songs on the radio these days.
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    Are you suggesting that Hoobastank and Linkin Park were not crap? I'm amazed.

    Take this blessed opportunity to expand your musical tastes to something not shoved down your throat by the RIAA.

    - Warren
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    I dont think there crap....there better than the other junk out there.
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    WOOHOO!!! Don't ask questions! Just thank what ever god you may or may not believe in!:biggrin:

    And I agree with Warren. Listen to much Jazz and Blues? I love Blues and Swing mostly. Tom Waits is a god. There are some good punk bands out there too like Bad Religion.
    Ever heard of Darkest of the Hillside Thickets? Every geek should listen to them.
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    Yes, but im strictly talking alternative. Everyones a damn critic...:devil: .. the point of this post was for you all to blindly agree and nod your heads....duh!
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    perhaps its time for you to cross over from crappy music into the domain of real music?
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