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Hope I'm not too much of a noob for this forum ...

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    I'm an undergraduate biology major / math minor, who studies animal communication. I've always loved physics and enjoy being able to use it in my research into animal behaviour. I'm particularly interested in nonlinear phenomena in animal vocalizations. It is a messy interest, but I hope I'll find some humans here who embrace the chaos with the same fervor that I do. :)

    Mule Deer
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    Welcome Mule_Deer, sounds fascinating!
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    You may want to learn how to compute Fourier transforms and make spectrographs of animal vocalizations. It's a fascinating field. The Audacity program can automate the process somewhat. More detailed discussion may not be appropriate for this subforum, but if you start a thread in a more appropriate subforum and tag me, I'd be happy to participate.

    The Black Drum is a favorite of mine:
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