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Hope to have many fruitful discussions

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    Hi all at PF,

    My name is David, and I am here with a neutral view on all matters, I have no pre-existing biases or notions on anything, I only come to conclusions based on evidence alone. I only seek answers, and I don't intend to debate on who's "side" is the better side of an argument (as I have none).
    Anyway, 'hope to have many fruitful discussions with all of you, I'll be on my way now, take care and have a great day.

    I just wanted to explain who I am a little, and what type of person I am, since I'm sure I will be getting into many debates with you all :)(and already have with a few). I am neutral and my respect is yours untill provoked. :)

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    Well, around here, that could be construed as a provocation all by itself. :rofl: Just kidding. :biggrin:

    Welcome to PF. PF certainly offers 'lively' discussions on various scientific and non-scientific topics.
    So you've been to Politics and World Affairs then, eh?
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    Neutral? Yeah right!!! :smile: Welcome to PF!
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    haha thanks... ew no.. politics; there's no neutrality there! World affairs, sure :) Politics start more arguments than they resolve.
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    Any particle physicist knows that neutral particles (those with rest mass) are generally unstable.

    Just look at neutrons, baryonic resonances, and neutral mesons. :biggrin:

    Of the leptons, electrons, muon, and tauons do not exist in neutral for, as far as we know. The neutrino counter parts do have rest mass, but their rate of interaction with heavier particles seems very limited.

    Photons are neutral, but they are easily absorbed.

    No the universe does not like neutral.
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    And i don't like the universe :) But that's why i am trying to understand him... just as any good friend would do, so we can have a healthy relationship, and share knowledge. I think if we get along well enough, he can help us save our future.
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    I was being facetious. :biggrin:

    or is that a :wink: or :biggrin: It think the universe is something at which to marvel. It is truely amazing place - and we are an inseparable part of it.

    I would agree with that. :smile:
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    Welcome aboard, David.
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