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Hopeful engineer here

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    So I'll be going to school soon to double in mechanical and electrical engineering.

    My question is this: I would like to live in Japan and work as an engineer however I don't know much about the state of business in relation to engineering jobs. Is the pay as competitive as it is in the US, are jobs readily available, and do they allow for moving up the ladder?

    I would greatly appreciate any shared experience on the subject.

    -new guy
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    1- why the double major?
    2- why Japan?
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    yeah, why the double major? i do mechanical engineering, and have needed to implement electronics a few times, but it's simple enough to learn as you need it, unless you want to be designing very complex stuff. Major in one of them, and you will a better engineer, as you will have a very indepth knowledge of everything that includes mechanics, rather than some general knowledge in two fields. just my thoughts...
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    I'm currently on a Mech eng course, final year. I have loads of options regarding electronics / control / software engineering as modules. As Walker has said, why not just focus on the one, this way making yourself more fluent in the Mechanical / Electrical aspect rather than being "Ok" at two different topics.

    Read up on the yearly modules, to my knowledge your final year, you are given many options to choose from (in the UK we are anyway).

    From what I've been told, Japan is a whole different world in general, so I can imagine becoming an Engineer over there would be fairly intense (also they work 6 day weeks incase you didn't know :P)
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