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Hopefully no bug, just me

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    A trivial problem, but it costs me nervs... :smile:

    When replying to posts, I can't get the ' { ' character. I get it by pressing (right Alt+B) usually, but now I get a shortcut for bolding text every time. Any hints?
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    works fine for me in firefox and IE
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    Then it must be my computer, as always. :uhh:
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    Right Alt+B opens the bookmarks for me. :) Usually, it's Ctrl+B that acts as a shortcut for bold text.
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    Why are you using the alt key at all to type a '{'? It's right on the keyboard, the same key with the square brackets, just to the right of the letter P. Do you use a different keyboard?
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    I use a diffrerent keyboard. :smile: Right to the letter P I have the bracket, but it doesn't work on that key, since it's reserved for one of the diacritics in my language.
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