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Horizon scale at the onset of cosmic acceleration

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    http://www.arxiv.org/PS_cache/astro-ph/pdf/0508/0508047.pdf [Broken]

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    We have already discussed this subject here.

    The large angle low l-mode anisotropies are few in number and therefore their deficiency might be a statistical fluke. However the quadrupole and octopole deficiencies are significant to high sigma. If they are also aligned to local geometry as they appear to be, possibly caused by a gravitational lensing of the much larger CMB dipole by the motion of local matter, our galactic cluster and supercluster(?), then the CMB anistropy power spectrum is very deficient at these modes. The mainstream LCDM model would be in trouble in this case.

    To resolve the problem one does not need to throw out the whole cosmological paradigm but adapt it. The power-spectrum peaks are consistent with a flat universe, the absence of low l-modes is consistent with a finite universe.

    As I have repeatedly said the data is consistent with a finite conformally flat model, as predicted by Self Creation Cosmology as well as other more exotic topologies such as the dodecahedral 'soccer ball' model.
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