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Homework Help: Horizontal Force

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    How do i find out the horizontal force the wheels on a toy car exert on the ground if i know the acceleration and the coefficient of friction?

    I have a coefficient of friction of 0.62
    and an acceleration of 0.40056 m/s^2

    Any help is helpful =) thank you.
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    Doc Al

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    If you know the mass of the car, and if friction is the only horizontal force acting on the car, then use Newton's 2nd law.
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    I do not know the mass of the car, so i cannot get the normal force.

    However, I've just read above the question and it says that the electric motor for the car directly drives _one_ of the rear wheels. I'm not sure how this could help, but what i know about the motor is that it has a torque of 0.0382 Nm, 15 rev/s, and the wheel size is 85 mm dia.
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