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Horizontal open channel flow -- Hydraulic jump calculation

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    Dear Fellow Engineers

    I'm having an issues with my calculations. This case concerns a open channel flow that start off being supercritical on the left and turns into subcritical flow after a hydraulic jump.

    Volume flow rate Q = 0.16m^3/s
    Width of the channel b = 1m
    Resulting fluidheight at the left h1 = +/-6cm.

    The channel slope = 0. The channel is perfectly horizontal
    Mannings coefficient : 0.012
    Question : Distance from the left part untill the hydraulic jump occurs. L = ?

    I integrated the backwater function:
    i = 0 because of slope being zero

    In the figure below the X axis denotes the distance from the left to the right of the channel. the Y-axis shows the height of the fluid height (purpl/pink curve). The blew curve is the conjugate height.
    I know that L can be determined from this curve but i don't know how. Can someone halp out please ?

    Thank you,
    Jochem Grietens
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