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Horizontal Projection?

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    I think this physics problem deals only with horizontal projection...let me know what you think:

    A block slides off a horizontal surface with speed Vo. Write an expression relating y, distance fallen, to X, the horizontal distance traveled.
    i think i can use the horizontal proj. equations:

    R=VoT (I think you can substitute X for R)

    h=.5gt^2 (I think you can substitute y for h)

    I get a combined equation of y=.5g(x/Vo)^2..which simplfied b/c .5g=4.9
    Y/4.9=(X/Vo)^2....which i think can simplify to the
    (square root of y/4.9)=X/Vo
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    That is correct, and I would leave it in exactly that form. The rest of your "simplifications" really just seemed to make a mess of it. You are asked to express y as a function of x (or x as a function of y), and that's exactly what you've done. You're finished!

    - Warren
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