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Homework Help: Horner's scheme for sine Tailor's series computatioin stability

  1. Sep 24, 2006 #1
    Hi all! Please help me answer these questions:
    1. Why is the standard Horner's scheme for the computation of Taylor's series for sine unstabil?
    The standard scheme is sin(x) = x(1 + x^2(-1/3! + x^2(1/5! + x^2(-1/7! + ... x^2(-1/(2n-1)! + x^2/(2n+1)!)...)

    2. How can we modify the scheme to make it stabil?

    I think instability is somehow connected with the changing sign of the terms in the Taylor's series, but I am not sure how. If you have any ideas ar you know the answer it will be interesting to hear. :rolleyes:
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