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Horoscope and its effects on marriage

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    Hi I am from India, a Hindu by birth (Hinduism is a religion). Here horoscope match is considered essential for marriage. My horoscope was found to be bad since it contains http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangal_Dosha" [Broken] (Mars danger) and naga dosha (snake danger).
    It is believed that if a person has these conditions, he may not have successful marriage life and offspring.
    But it is not convincing me how they (astrologers) are sure that these conditions are applicable for every person. I don't see any proof that it is true. At the same time I don't have any tool to falsify it.
    Is there any work done by anyone, by which arguments can be made that horoscope conditions have nothing do about one's marriage life?
    My point is plain arguments with horoscope believers are of no use. If I can disprove by any solid scientific method, I can make them accept that I am as suitable as any other normal person for marriage life.
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    I feel sorry for you, horoscopes are pure rubbish. It's distressing to hear that marriages can be made or broke by them.
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    find both your western astrological signs and your chinese astrological signs. show how each of them are equally valid for the reasons that others show you why hindu astrology is valid. show them that the results for all 3 are completely different.
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    eating 2-3 prime ribeye steaks per week (preferably rare) negates the bad mangal dosha mojo
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    The entire collection of scientific laws and theories about pretty much everything supports the fact that astrology is 100% meaningless. Honestly it is very doubtful that you will be able to convince hardcore believers of astrology that it is meaningless. This applies to believers of almost anything actually. People are disturbingly stubborn usually.
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    from what I've read on astrology, I should have a personality that will help me gather a harem easily.
    Except i'm sitting in my room at by myself as a 21 yo virgin, so I say that is all bull
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    Nothing truer could be said by anyone. I hate how it has gotten so entwined with religion (I am also Hindu, just throwing that out.) Sometimes, when my grandparents watch Indian channels, I can see ads for certain astrologers. I find it absolutely repugnant that people believe them enough to finance their advertising.

    Accept the laws of physics, my friend, not a stupid horoscope.
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    I've had similar issues with my parents as well. My approach to dealing with this has always been to demand a demonstration or testable explanation of exactly how it is that the position of the planets affects my life. I also ask why other people born at the same time as me have such radically different lives than I do. Why I am alive and hundreds of kids born at the exact same time elsewhere are dead. Why did the planets affect them differently? You will never get a good answer because the base upon which the answer would be built is a massive unsupported/un-demonstrable assumption.

    To prove my point, the last time I went back home, I convinced my parents to accompany me to one of the "best" astrologers. I sat down with him, paid him a butt load of cash for his time (what a waste) and then gave him very detailed information about the circumstances of my birth. Time, place, etc etc.

    The one thing I was always told is that the position of the planets and constellations at the time of my birth is what determines what happens in my life. By predicting the motion of things, we can see where they are now and what effect this will have on me. This is why I had my parents along, so they can provide the most correct information about my birth. After that they weren’t allowed to say anything more and I was gonna feed the guy all kinds of crap and see if he saying ANYTHING that was even remotely true about me.

    I told him that I was horrible at school and had to repeat classes several times, university was horrible too. I had just got fired from my job and I wasn’t getting any interviews anywhere for the past 5-6 months. You get the idea. The guy asked me more questions about this fantasy scenario and I fed him more crap about it. Eventually, he went to his charts, moved some things around and finally said that he wasn't surprised at all and that my planets position dictated that I would have a very very difficult time in my life and that the curse would not be lifted till I went to some obscure temple and did some rituals for the span of 3 weeks.

    Sadly for astrology, there is no curse. I'm doing brilliant in my life and these planets that were supposed to ruin my life are just doing amazing things. He got everything backwards and I wish I had a recorded it so you could hear the confidence with which he was saying all of this. All the things he said that were supposed to be having a horrible effect on my life were just flat out WRONG.

    Here’s the kicker though, none of this is probably going to make the slightest bit of difference to the believer. You will hear excuses like, the astrologer didn’t read the map right. The astrologer made a mistake, he's only a person and people can make mistakes, you should go to a different and better astrologer (which will cost you more money) they were totally right about some other person, so astrology can't be wrong. I've heard all of it.

    I still have the conversation if it comes up, I don’t actively pursue it anymore but if it does, I’m as confrontational as I can be within reason. Put them on the spot, force them to define their position very clearly. If you can do that, they will destroy their own argument over the course of the conversation and in a last ditch attempt to redefine their position to mean something completely different which you cannot disagree with and declare victory. If you catch them in the act and are very very very lucky, they may start to examine what they think more closely and ask why.....but most likely not.
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