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Horrible at physics

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    Ok, I am horrible at physics and I have a take home test and I need some help on some of the questions. So if you know how to do them pllease let me know and help me

    1.)A 62 kg person is going down hill on a ski run angled at 37 degrees from the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skis and the snow is .15. How fast is the skier going at 5 seconds after starting from rest?
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    We won't solve problems for you. Please show us your work, let us know where you're stuck, and we'll give you guidance so that you can solve the problem yourself.

    Edit: Actually, because you're working on a test, I'm afraid we cannot help you at all. Asking for help from other people for a test is certainly a violation of your school's honor code, and is probably justification for expulsion.

    - Warren
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