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Horse Race problem

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    So i got this little problem for homework i honestly don't know how to start figuring anything out... but please can i get a hint??? xD

    |----------------------------400 m------------------------|

    In a close harness race, horse 2 passes horse 1 at point A, where the two velocities are V2=7m/s and V1=6.8 m/s. Horse 1 later passes horse 2 at point B and goes on to win the race at point C, 400m from A, (From A to C). The elapsed times from A to C for horse 1 and horse 2 are T1=61.5sec and T2=62sec, respectively. Assuming uniform accelerations for both horses between A and C. Determine:
    a)Distance from A to B
    b)The position of horse 1 relative to horse 2 when horse 1 reaches the finish line C.
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    Hey bathtubbuddy and welcome to the forums.

    Here is one hint: how do you represent displacement in terms of velocity and velocity in terms of acceleration?
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