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Hot cartoons

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    Ok, had a disscussion other night with my sisters. we were watching aladdin, i called aladdin hot. My younger sister agrees, adding that the prince from the little mermaid was hot too. My older sister disagrees with me, but agrees on the prince, also stating that undoubtedly, dimitri from anastasia is the hottest of all cartoon characters.

    Now my question for you all is, can a person actually be attracted to a cartoon? i mean, sure there's the physical aspect, but i mean, they do have personalities too. Is 'liking' a cartoon character just the same as liking an actor, or an actor's charater, or does the cartoon's 2d-ness or uh... un-3d-ness er, animatedness, yeah that's it, does that make a cartoon un-attractiveableicall... well you know what i mean.
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    Cartoons can be attractive to a point, but I find it disturbing if someone has a serious crush on something that someone drew. That is why I have never understood why people enjoy the japanese adult cartoons.
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    Betty Rubble....

    *drool* :wink:

    Rosie O'Donnell ruined her for me...
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    Re: Re: Hot cartoons

    Try to understand the young frustrated guy who spends most of his time in front of the computer. Someone draws that character, but he draws the perfect woman in his eyes. If you happen to have the same taste in women as the artist and you haven't seen enough almost perfect real women...
    But anyway, these days I'm watching the women volleyball european championships. A lot of these girls and many of the girls look much better to me than any pornstar I've seen. So, for me, real beats virtual by far.
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    Ya I've seen some of the graphic japanimee, and I know they also do this stuff called hentai that is even more graphic, but nothin beats the real thing

    Boop boop be doop!
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    2 words......Jessica Rabbit.
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    Re: Re: Re: Hot cartoons

    I can paint a picture so that it looks more real than a photo (a technique called Trompe l'oeil, which means "Fool the Eye"). Computer graphics, Television images and Movies are just electronic impulses or projected light, not the real person. So what is the difference?

    If you have a crush on J'Lo (Not my type, but just for the sake of argument), Your chance of her falling in love with you is about as good as it is with Jessica Rabbit falling in love with you.

    Ariel from little mermaid is a babe. When she can't talk, she is the perfect woman :smile:. Just kidding. Personallity is very important.
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    haha, well great replies, but of course, all guys, as usual. I dunno if women just don't happen to find cartoons very attractive.. or if they just won't admit it...
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    Actually, my wife tells me that I look like the Prince in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, who she found attractive in her younger days.
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    And I Thought Ya'll meant hot as in action Adventure

    Well anyway, I'm a DBZ fan ever more. It was the cartoon that introduced me to animee.
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