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  1. This is a very random question. Why does most males prefer hot girls over cute girls (provided that they're both different type of looks)?
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    Doesn't that beg the question?
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    I'm not even sure I understand what you're trying to say.
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    I prefer cute girls over hot girls :P
    As for other males, I do not know.

    [​IMG] <--- cute girl.

    [​IMG]<-- hot girl

    See the difference xD (everyone has there own idea of cute and hot though..)
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    I don't think it's begging the question yet. It would become begging the question if someone answered something like "Men prefer hot girls over cute ones because hot girls are generally preferable, whereas cute girls are merely cute." In other words, to "beg the question" you have to answer the question by asserting the assumptions of the question.
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    Aren't they both 1 person?o:)
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    Define hot, define cute, show research that supports your statement.
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    Those are some terrible examples to illustrate your point.
    Top one looks like a picture from the 80's and the bottom one is a profile view, reflected out of a mirror and almost completely obscured by hair.
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    I have just googled for images of "cute girls" and "hot girls". Can't say I have seen any systematic anatomical differences.
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    I lined up six cute girls one one side and a half dozen hot girls on the other. I was in the process of deciding which I like better when my wife came in. I prefer the quiet life, but I don't live it.
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    Why do you think most males prefer hot girls over cute girls? How you define these might be completely different than how someone else does. What you consider cute, they might consider hot. I do see what you are getting at though, and I think it really depends on who you are asking and what stage of their life they are in. I think people that aren't looking for a relationship at all prefer hot girls while someone looking to settle down a little more would prefer someone they find to be beautiful. Although I think beauty develops as you get to know someone so you could go from thinking they are hot to thinking they are beautiful. I guess "hotness" is more related to lust and beauty related to love. I don't know if anything I just said makes sense but theres my two cents.

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    Because body temperature rises about 0.4 degrees during ovulation until a few days before the start of a woman's menstrual cycle. Mating is more effective at creating offspring if it's done when a woman is fertile, so natural selection makes women with a higher body temperature more attractive than women that just look nice.

    Well, it sounds good. :uhh:

    And women are usually perceived to be more attractive when ovulating.

    However, some women don't understand the compliment when you tell them they look as if they're ovulating.
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    I understand what the OP is talking about, and I prefer cute girls. As to why, I can't give a definitive answer.
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    Wasn't this one of the themes in Grease (and more recently, Glee)? The "cute" girl transformed into the "hot" girl to secure the affections of her beloved.
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    Romeo and Juliet too, except she transformed into a hot guy. It's complicated and it didn't work out well.
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    I think this was the theme of Shrek, too, where Fiona turned into a hot chick every night and back into a cute chick every day.
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    Personally I like it when cute girls decide to look hot. I think most cute girls can also look hot. But not necessarily vice versa.
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    I think that is: circulus in probando (circular arguement).

    What I meant by begging the question is that the OP has assumed that 'most guys prefer "hot" girls over "cute" girls.' I'm not sure if that's what begging the question means though. the way I view it is that they have made an assumption that should be proved prior but they've just stated it as a premise.

    I do not 'prefer' hot girls over cute girls but I think these subjective terms would have to be more precisely defined to continue a discussion anyways.
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    Re: Random question

    This is an age old discussion: Ginger or Mary Ann?
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