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Hot-Melt system design project

  1. Feb 6, 2015 #1

    I have been given a project to design a system that can "bead deposit" thermoplastic. I have found this resource,

    It is basically an adhesive deposition system used for packaging in industry.

    So I think this is a good place to start, by trying to create a simplified version of this.

    I was thinking of an open top tank that would heat the thermoplastic, this would be connected to a geared pump, which in turn would be connected to an automatic solenoid valve.

    does anybody have an experience with this sort of system or suggestions? would this work? or would i need a pressurized tank? What would be my first step to build a system like this?

    NOTE: i do not need to create the x-y movement axis, or anything else, just the process of melting the material and depositing it

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    I think melting an entire tank of plastic is excessive. Just heat the nozzle and force the solid plastic through, just like a fdm 3d printer or hot glue gun works. No need for a valve.
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    @billy_joule Hey, thanks for your reply. That's a good point. Would i be able to achieve the bead deposition with this method? I should have stated as well in my original question, that ideally this machine should be able to deposit around 1500-300 beads per minute, would this be achievable using fdm?
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