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News Hotzone on Yahoo

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    If the news doesn't seem bad enough - there is now Hotzone

    Journalist and war correspondent Kevin Sites reports from areas of conflict around the world.

    http://hotzone.yahoo.com/ [Broken]

    Warning - this stuff is graphic and disturbing!

    Yahoo-HotZones apply the standards of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London which monitors these conflicts around the world. The Institute is not affiliated with any government and is a leading authority on political-military conflict.

    It defines armed conflict as:

    "International armed border and territorial conflict involving governments."

    "Internal armed conflicts taking place between government forces and organized groups, which control sufficient territory to sustain concerted military operations."
    To this we've added our own criteria:

    The conflict must have been active within the past three months.

    Yahoo-Hot Zones will cover issues relating to terrorism and the war on terror,

    - will not focus on acts of terrorism, which are random and borderless,

    - will make exceptions if a location does not fit these criteria but we feel it important to highlight the conflict-related issues it has experienced.

    Scheduled Conflict Coverage
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Israel/Palestinian Territories
    Korean peninsula
    The Philippines
    Sierra Leone

    "Hot Zone Watch List"
    Ivory Coast
    Myanmar (Burma)
    Sri Lanka
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    Have you e-mailed this to George W? as he is clearly set against 'tyrants' and the like, seems he has a real job ahead of him if he wants to rid the World of them, then again, all of this has been going on for loner then the Iraq crisis so why didn't he start with some-any of these?

    (Yes, I know, it's a redundant question)
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    Thanks, Astor. Fascinating website.
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    Sites is just trying to raise awareness of the conflicts in the world. In many cases, millions of innocent people are caught between two warring factions, and sometimes it seems neither side is right. Often it seems to be about power, wealth and access to arms.
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    And people wonder why the UN {United Nations} has difficulties getting things going towards Peace in the World, cause of money, Power, corruption, GREED.

    Good posting though, nice reference...sorta.
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    Yup, big difficulties indeed. UN money, UN power, UN corruption, UN greed... its so sad that so many die because of the UN's corruption.
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    Pengwuino, clearly you do not possess as much knowledge about relationships between the particular nations and the whole nation, as I do.

    Therefore, I shall enlighten you by GIVING you knowledge.

    The 'big difficulties', actually lie in the arms of the particular nations, for that is where the money/power/corruption/greed orginate.

    The nations may try to deflect attention from their "selves", the real problem, by demanding that the UN undergo a 'revolution of reform' and to shift the burden onto the UN, but for the planet to truly achieve a revolution of reform, the burden of initiating that reform rests with the particular nations.

    Should all nations agree to yield their money/power to the UN, and form a true one world government that oversees the production and distribution of the planet's resources, then all life shall live without fear and competition, for eternity.

    However, should the nations refuse to yield their money/power, all life is certain to become extinct. ALL people will die because of the particular nations' corruption. Period. It's that simple.

    A particular nation may think they are "smart" by deflecting attention away from their "self", but that tactic only exposes them for what they really are: fearful of an 'other' nation having more than them (trade imbalance) and immature, thinking they are not able to give that which they have to give.

    A particular nation may be 'smart', but only the "whole" UN is capable of being WISE.

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    Wow, that was one of the smartest things I've ever heard. Thank you for that knowledge. I now realize how great the world could be if everyone on earth was under the command of a single supreme leader
  10. Oct 12, 2005 #9
    A single supreme leader of ONLY individuals that intend to be right, with right manners.

  11. Oct 12, 2005 #10


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    Yah, nothing like a set of universal ethics and morals and allegances to get people to hand over their lives.
  12. Oct 12, 2005 #11
    Allegiance to no particular thing is the one way.

    As for "handing over their lives", they did that when they pledged allegiance to that particular thing, and the certainty of extinction.

    People "take back their lives" when they renounce their allegiance to that particular thing.

    It's one way, the whole UN way, or the other way, the particular nation way. And for all human history up to right now, it has been the other way.

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