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News House and Senate divided: social vs fiscal conservatives

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    Do you foresee an expanding and increasingly significant conflict between U.S. social and fiscal conservatives? In what regards?
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    If so, then the social conservatives just took a blow.

    They slammed Frist so hard on allowing McCain's group to head off the "Nuclear option/Constitutional option" that he decided he better not rely on them for help in 2008. He made his break from the social conservatives with endorsement of the Stem Cell Research Bill.

    Frist was probably their best hope not only in the Senate, but for a 'friendly' presidential candidate. Now the biggest friend they're left with is Tom DeLay. That has to be pretty degrading. :rofl:
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    There is a lot of speculation as to why Frist split on stem cell research. One theory is he that in view of his medical background, he was always in favor of scientific progress, but didn't want to split until the 2004 elections had concluded and a few GOP initiatives had gone through successfully. This still seems suspect to me. But I'm glad he has split, along with Nancy Reagan's endorsement, and of course Arlen Specter--in favor of scientific advancement.

    So he's moving to the center for 2008...Still I'm not likely to forget Terri Schiavo, and that goes in the list of things against DeLay as well. And I'm not likely to forget the nuclear option. Santorum is struggling too. His arrogant, conceited manner is a real turn off as well as his views.

    Regarding fiscal conservatism, well just look at the legislation the GOP is pushing through these days--still spending like drunken sailors. :eek:
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    Fiscal conservatism doesn't exist any more.
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