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House hold wiring

  1. Oct 4, 2008 #1
    Do electricians avoid using moderate resistance wire?

    3. I believe, 'Moderate resistance' in this problem means High Resistance. Am I correct in that assumption?

    If that is the case, then high resistance of the wire will result in more heating.
    If the wires become hot, the consequences of that are I believe

    (1) fire hazard

    (2) lower current: Since, resistance increase with temperature, from Ohm's law, current should drop. Does this mean, the the current across the load is lower than expected. What is the consequence of this for an average person who uses for example an electric toaster or T.V.? I just want to understand this. Thanks.
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    You pretty much have the right idea. Lower current through or lower voltage across the device (the two usually go hand-in-hand).

    Just to give you some numbers to play with, suppose a toaster (or heater or hair dryer) requires 10 Amps, and the house wiring has say 10 ohms of resistance.
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