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Homework Help: House painter and pulley

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    this is a problem i have gotten on my homework, but this problem is giving me a bit of trouble does anyone know the best way to approch it? i was using ((Ms - Mm)/(Ms+Mm))* X = 0.2
    X being the force he must pull down on

    A house painter uses the chair and pulley arrangement of the figure to lift himself up the side of a house. The painter's mass is 70 kg and the chair's mass is 10 kg. With what force must he pull down on the rope in order to accelerate upward at .2 m/s
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    been trying to work on this, i was wondering should g be a factor in the equation?
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    Doc Al

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    Since you did not include the figure, I can only make a guess as to the problem. I assume the painter is pulling himself up via a pulley and rope.

    As always, identify all the forces acting on the "painter + chair" (treat them as a unit). Note that the painter pulls down on one end of the rope, but both ends of the rope pull up on him.

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