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Househunting in Manchester: anyone else doing the same?

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    I've just got onto a PhD at Manchester uni and I'm looking for a house there. Is anyone else here in the same boat?

    I'm looking primarily at Ardwick, Hulme, Withington and possibly the city centre - but open to other ideas though. I want to avoid Rusholme, Moss Side and anywhere that'll have a lot of undergrads.

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    Try Withington and the Didsburies. I wouldn't write off Rusholme (or Fallowfield, or Victoria Park for that matter) on the basis of undergrads; there are 80,000 students in Manchester so you'll not escape undergrads wherever you go. I would, however, write off Hulme and Moss Side for other reasons (transport, availability of good student houses, crime, niceness etc).
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