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Houston Labs

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    You probrbaly know that Texas is a hotspot for Science and Technology.

    I happen to be in Houston. While there's really no such thing as a Science company we do have labs. WHile there are alot in The Medical center doing research in the biomedical feilds I want to know are there any major labs in Houston.

    Big ones like goverment or corporate labs with hundreds of employees. I know we've got NASA but I don't know if there are any really big laboratory areas down there.
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    I work at Area 52 120 miles south of Houston as secretary. They experiment with chemical engineering. It seems quite alien to me sometimes.
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    Exxon and Shell have research labs in Houston. I lived near the Shell facility, about 30 years ago, and I spent time at the Exxon facility 30+ years ago when I was in Explorer Scouts.

    There are places like Houston Advanced Research Center - http://www.harc.edu/harc/Content/About/ShowStatic.aspx/8 [Broken]

    Universities like U of H and Rice have research facilities.
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    Are 52, ist that what they really call it? I've neer heard of it.
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