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Hover Craft Physics

  1. Dec 1, 2007 #1
    I need whatever help I can get on the following topics about a hover-craft for a Phyics Portfolio due in 2 weeks:
    1. The Present
    2. Main Physics Principle/Concept
    3.Secondary Physics Principle/Concept
    4. Related Items
    5. The Future

    It would really help if you could give me websites where I can get more information, so it can be cited... Thanks for the help.
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    if you are doing calculations for this project, you might want to investigate the air pressure inside the hovercraft. this is seen through P=force/area. use this equation to discuss how surface area relates to the amount of weight that a hovercraft can hold up, or how the pressure of the air inside the hovercraft changes when more weight is added.

    furthermore, learn about how hovercrafts reduce friction.
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    As far as the main physics go, you need to understand Newtonian mechanics. Newton's second and third laws. Secondary principles, are just as important, that has to do with presssufre use erjkism's formula P=F/A, and the cushion of air that hover craft generates through work. For related and future items just google hover craft.
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