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Hovercraft design

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    welcom every boddy
    i want to ask u alittile about hovercraft design
    1-i want to ask how can i calcoulate the dimaeter holes in hull for cushion the hovercraft
    thank u :!!)
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    Ask yourself the following sort of questions:

    What are the holes for? What needs to flow through them? How much stuff is going to flow through them? How fast will this stuff be going? What pressure will it be at?
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    I have built a hovercraft and I had approximatley 10: 1 inch by 1 inch holes(this worked well for my desighn) which was a 4 foot by 3 foot square with a donut skirt......this also might help http://www.amasci.com/amateur/hovercft.html
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    i am a new user
    if you have any fomulation about holl design and number of holes on it can help me?
    we have dsign a 2*3 hull around hover but we no idea about the hieght and width of it?
    my mail is "ahe1367@gmail.com"
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