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How a pinch functions

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    I was sitting around during science class today, and I got to wondering about electromagnetism, in particulary, how a pinch functions. If anyone would be able to explain how to get a high-level elctromagnetic pulse device to work, or atleast, the physics behind it, it would put an end to my wondering and mabey I can concentrate again in class.

    It is thought that powers innovation
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    Tom Mattson

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    Re: Electromagnetism

    A pinch?!

    Bulls@$t, you were watching Ocean's 11 and wondering about electromagnetism. :wink:

    Try reading this link:

    http://www.aip.org/isns/reports/2001/033.html [Broken]

    An excerpt:

    What's more, perhaps even the filmmakers themselves did not realize that their pinch pulls off the ultimate swindle. As portrayed in the movie, the pinch apparently violates the most fundamental principle of physics, the conservation of energy, which says that energy can be converted from one form to another, but never created out of thin air. Any van-sized electricity source, not just a pinch, says Quintenz, is just too small to store the energy required to produce a blackout-generating EMP.
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    I was accually in class when the thought came, but truthfully, it was spurred by an off topic disscusion of the move:wink:. As for the powersource, thats not the problem in my mind, for that is always obtainable, if you know how to get it. The emp from the z pinch would become greater if an incressed flow of electricty was given to the machine, would it not?
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