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How about a Crackpot Forum?

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    I dunno. I think crackpots are amusing! :tongue: How about a forum where all the crackpottery can be moved?
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    We tried that for 7 years. That was enough :)
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    Not at PF!
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    Try Yahoo Answers.
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    Can one here create a blog on his crackpot ideas?
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    Yes, people can make crackpot blogs here. But they are usually banned very quickly after making this blog.
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    oh that means, Physics Forums help you till PhD or after that if you be a Professor or Main Stream Science Researcher.
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    Or sciforums.
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    I never understood why people actually spend their time making crackpot ideas. I thought this was some sort of fringe thing in society, and then I came onto PF and crackpot ideas are a rampant threat here.
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    Besides the sticky thread that ZapperZ referenced, see also the one-line description on the main PF index page:


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    This is single-handedly the greatest post on this forum.
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    Why must we make a Cracked Pot forum? Shouldn't we also make Split Pot, Dented Pot, and Rusty Pot forums too? Then it would just get out of hand...forums for all kinds of broken cookware! Can you imagine the horror?!
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    Just one question: if you don't discuss any new idea what are you doing there? Just helping kids to do their homeworks?
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    That's part of it, yes. Discussing mainstream science is another part.
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    And banning crackpot sockpuppets like you.
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    Re: Re: How about a Crackpot Forum?

    Learning and discussing real science - which does include new ideas. As long as it's been published in a reputable journal, it's fine. You can even discuss a completely new unpublished idea if you're careful, by asking questions around the edges of existing science.

    What you can't do is talk nonsense, which is what crackpots do.
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    Boy, you Mods nixed this dude like so fast it made his head spin! :)

    Anyways. I think guys like Dr. Quantum and like-minded crackpots are hilarious. And I'm no fan of Rush Limbaugh (yuck), but decades back, he had a crackpot occasionally call on the show who came up with all kinds of crazy political conspiracy theories; this forum can use something like that here, because that crackpot that did call Limbaugh kinda lent an air of levity and hilarity to an otherwise serious talk show.
    I'd listen to the program just hoping the person would call again so I (and the other listeners) would get a good laugh...

    ...lol crackpots...
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