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Suggestion How about an Optical Sciences forum?

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    Optics is among the fastest growing fields of physics and has among the best job prospects for graduating physicists. It's also a sizable field in its own right, with entire degree programs and departments devoted to its study. It seems like it would warrant a forum of its own in the physics section.

    Or did I overlook something? If so, my apologies.
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    I meant to respond here before but I got distracted and then forgot about it.

    New subforums do get created here from time to time, but it is determined by the activity here and not outside factors. So if we started getting lots of posts related to optics, that would be a good reason to create an optics forum.

    For now, the best place for optics discussion would be Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics, which is relatively low traffic. It might be worth it to add optics to the title, so Atomic, Solid State, Optical, Comp. Physics?
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