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How about.

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    how about.......

    I listened to an interview with author and historian Dr. W. S. Davis last week on wbai fm in New York. Guy sounds like he has a clue. Went from being a philosopher/church historian to a planetary scientist due to researching the history of religion and organized church history. Might make for an interesting time?

    What do you all think?

    The EVIL one
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    Re: how about.......

    I am confused as to what your suggesting.
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    Re: how about.......

    What do we all think is a pretty wide open question.

    What do I think?...I'm surprised to see this thread in "PF feedback" instead of in "general discussion" forum. Maybe one of the mentors will move it. But I'm not suggesting this!

    (Do you consider the Fans of Dr. Kaku to an organized belief system, with orthodoxy enforced by peer pressure etc, so that you somehow connect PF to organized religion? What's the connection?)

    If this is a general discussion then I have an opinion. The guy Davis sounds like he is possibly interesting. One can analyze religions as organisms subject to evolutionary pressure---those religions survive and grow (in competition with other religions) which are linked supportively to practices that encourage a high birth rate and other factors contributing to transmission success like effective indoctrination of the young etc.
    So I can imagine how Davis might have been a Church Historian (fascinating subject!) and have switched over to some type of Geography/Earth Science and now be studying church history but from a different angle-----like....how is religion affecting the planet and do different religions have different effects and can you predict future belief-demographics...

    why leave it so much up for speculation? Why dont you sketch the gist of what the guy is saying?
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    Re: Re: how about.......

    all I was saying was how about we ask him to do a chat? That is all. Period.
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    Re: Re: Re: how about.......

    Oh THAT'S all!!!

    Why did you ask what do we ALL think?
    Chats and guests is purely Gregs business.

    However I have collected some info about Davis for anybody who wants to use. I have no further interest, having followed up on it, but you or Greg may

    His email is

    He lives in Maine, he apparently gives (paid?) lectures on various topics. He has published a book about the suppression of intellectual freedom by religion and mysticism and such. Here is
    more about him.

    Dr. W. Sumner “Bill” Davis joined the American Association of Amateur Astronomers in February, 2001. A resident of Oakland, Maine, he has been a popular speaker, author, and freelance editorial writer on topics ranging from Parenting and Social Issues, to Religious and Church History.

    With his wife and best friend Catherine, he enjoys bird watching, gardening, and reading. Bill has special interests in science, especially Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Cosmology, Radio Astronomy and Visual Astronomy. A “life long student”, he is currently attending courses in Astrophysics, and Astronomy at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. An avid reader and writer, Bill writes between five and seven books each year, as well as articles for periodicals and trade journals. Dr. Davis also contributes to science based editorial reviews as well as reviewing books on theology and religion.

    Here are a couple of WS Davis books:

    A Quest for Truth
    and the Origins of Life

    W.S. Davis, Th.D

    The Suppression of Free Thought
    Mysticism and Religion

    W.S. Davis, Th.D

    As a Cosmotheologian, and having been trained as a Christian Minister, Bill Davis is perfectly qualified to bring into focus the long and often bloody oppression that the Church has exerted on science and free thought. His new book, HERETICS, which explores the question of what science has revealed that was so threatening to the Church, covers the time from the birth of the Christian movement to the civil rights movement. Due for publication in October, 2001. Forward by Dorion Sagan.


    he is also into SETI:

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