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How am radios work

  1. Jun 9, 2008 #1
    for my lab we built an am radio, with a breadboard, variable capacitor, capacitors, antenna, ground, headphone, resistors, and diode, to try to detect radio stations. we were supposed to detect multiple frequencies for mulitple radio stations, since everyone else in the lab did, but ours was only able to detect 1 radio station for the entire capacitance range of our variable capacitor. also, we were supposed to detect radio stations at a fixed capacitance, indicating the resonance frequency, but we heard it for a whole range of capacitance values

    I would like to know why. the prof suggested may be the radio station transmitter that we heard is closest to our school. also, the resistance factor may be too large. also, our circuit could have a very low Q quality factor value.
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