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How are extensions dealt with?

  1. Jul 27, 2015 #1
    Particularly for Canadian and American MSc/PhD programs, if a student requests for an extension on their work (e.g. for a 6th year on their PhD) is the typical funding to cover all their tuition and basic living costs through RA/TA and other grants still provided in such a case? Are there any particular things people should be wary of when requesting extensions, especially as an international student?
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    Typically in the Canadian system at least, in your letter of offer the terms of financial support are spelled out - so many years at a rate of X dollars through stipend or TA or whatever. If you have not completed your degree by the end of that term, the university is under no obligation to provide you with additional support. That said, in practice, most will carry the funding over for another year or two if needed. Outside of that, funding can also depend on your supervisor - if he or she has money to support you then arguably to process can go on indefinately (although many schools requrie that the work be completed inside of so many years to qualify for the PhD).
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