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How are geniuses reproduced

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    How are geniuses reproduced and how to chose a suitable partner
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    Re: Geniuses

    Geniuses reproduce by budding. ;)
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    Re: Geniuses

    A budding genius.
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    Re: Geniuses

    Eat Chinese food everyday I'm serious on this one no kidding lol.
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    Re: Geniuses

    There is no such thing as genius. Genuis is confused with hard work and luck. 10,000 hours appears to be the minumum level of input to master something (or nothing).
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    Re: Geniuses

    I think you have to join the Mensa society and get the certificate that says you're a genius before you're even allowed to ask questions like this. No compatible fertile potential mate would look at you twice without the gold seal of certified geniushood. But once you attain that provenance your gametes will be a succulent, rare, and delectable genetic feast desired by all and you will find yourself the geneto-mate of many.


    Wow, it's Malcolm Gladwell himself, taking some time off of the book tour to pop in at PF and repeat the highlights of http://www.gladwell.com/outliers/index.html" that have been featured on half the evening news programs and late-night talk shows. There is no such thing as a cited reference.
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    Re: Geniuses

    Not on an internet forum. Did you really think I meant to imply I did all the research myself?
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    Re: Geniuses

    In answer to the OP it seems Genius propagates through plagiarism :biggrin:
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    Re: Geniuses

    You didn't say anything about research, you presented it as common knowledge or something - not even a "I saw this guy on TV...". You wily genius, you. That's probably one of the other ways geniuses get ahead.
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    Re: Geniuses

    Worked for Edison.
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    Re: Geniuses

    Have you thought about researching the parents of geniuses? You might find out that ordinary people can end up with genius offspring.
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    Re: Geniuses

    Do you know what a genius is , specifically what feat makes someone a genius , or is it arbitrary?

    There is " talent " , the evidence for some is clear


    Genius is proven with amazing feats in any major field ,

    it usually has to do with the degree of complexity they are able manage.
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