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How are soul is born!

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    If you go by common understanding of a soul,or ghost.pure energy where when we die are essence or consciousness in encoded on the energy,but since matter does'nt convert into energy to do this its hard to prove that it happens.but what if like all my posts i stress that motion of matter is the build up of a anti gravitational field that repels against the background energy of spacetime,that the energy that creates a soul when you die comes from the anti gravitational field you body emitts while in a constant state of acceleration in the planets orbit and spin.this would give you soul anti energy properties.you could travel at faster that light around the universe.but you dont what to get caught at zero motion out in space and die at the same time.you would'nt have enough anti gravity from motion to form a soul when you die.and would never have a after life.you also would function in time differently that normal matter.while in a planets gravity,you would have anti gravity from its motion.while at high speeds of motion,you would produce a gravity field opposite matter at attract energy from spacetime.and the cool one is that no matter where you are in the universe travelling though space,you would absorb light from all the star and use the anti energy from photons for time.cool huh!!!!and the coolest thing is that anti energy as a ghost give you the ability to produce a field of light,you know ghost can appear to you at will.so you use anti energy property to make holograms.just like ghost do.using them as a model of how it works.and if im right might inadvertantly prove there may be a afterlife if you could produce holograms this way.cool huh!!!!
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    Well sir, I'd say you've alot of work ahead of ya. I mean, nice story, idea, what have you, but where's the beef? I want proof. I didn't think "anti-gravity" was possible. Kinda like the perpetual motion and cold fusion things.

    But, perhaps being chosen has given you some insight into physics and technology unrivaled by others. If you think it will work, by all means do it. Sounds pretty cool.

    about your quote;

    what happens if you fail a 2nd time?
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    It can. (E=mc^2)

    you lost me here...
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    Is not a nuclear bomb an example of turning matter into energy? Not pure energy, but is there such a thing? Can energy survive in a place/state/condition/dimension without some matter for more than the smallest increment of time imaginable?
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    I think from a biblic point of view souls come from the "Guff". I am a god fearing man but have you considered that maybe we all have no souls. Its what you believe, i be we do!
    Dx :wink:
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    It's not hard to prove, it's impossible to prove because falsities can never be proven.

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    I understand most of what you are saying, and some of the ideas, but like another poster stated "wheres the beef?" What do you think the soul is made up of, anti matter?

    Can this antigravity/antimatter field re-integrate itself into another being? (aka re-incarnation)
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    Chosenone's post doesn't make sense. If we take for granted that souls exist, surely they exist in you before you die. He makes it sound like death creates a soul. Or does he mean death makes a disembodied soul, in which case just ignore my post.
  10. Aug 2, 2003 #9
    I thought chosenone's essay was
    beautiful, in it's own speculative
    way: a kind of hypomanic poem,
    delivered, seemingly, in one
    non-stop flow like air escaping
    from a gently pricked balloon.
    Creative orthography.
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    Like HOT air escaping...
    The non-stop flowing quality might be in part due to ommission of proper letter spacing between words. :smile:
  12. Aug 2, 2003 #11
    When you enter a thread in Mystics
    and Pseudo-Science heed the words
    of David Byrne:"Stop Making Sence"
  13. Aug 8, 2003 #12
    Re: Re: how are soul is born!

    I do beleive the soul, if it existed, wouldn't be matter or energy at all, it would be some intangible gaseous-type object, in which is engraved with the data of the being. The lower three planes, physical, mental, and astral; Physical would be where matter/energy/antimatter and all would go into. Mental would be.. such as telepathy, and the mental plane is above the physical. And lastly of the bottom three, astral, in which the soul resides. To have an identity, a mental and astral body (soul) must reside inside a physical one, yet once the physical entity has died, the mental body dies and the soul is projected outside the body, or whatever. Just an opposing opinion, =P.
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