How are these books?

  1. Has anyone read Richard Dawkins Blind Watchmaker?? Is it good?? And What about Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel?
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  3. Doc Al

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    The Blind Watchmaker is an outstanding book. My highest recommendation.
  4. I've heard good things about Guns Germs and Steel from everyone I know who's read it. It's one of the text books used in some Anthropology courses in my university. However, some criticize Diamond for putting too much emphasise on the subject of his book.
  5. Err what do you mean by too much emphasis?
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    Guns Germs and Steel is excellent, well worth a skim!
  7. i haven't read guns, germs & steel but i have read that jared diamond is a bit of a euro-centrist. i saw a thing on the discovery channel about the book & right away noticed that the technological & scientific acheivements of the chinese, for example were more or less ignored. i wasn't very impressed with that guy based on what i saw on the show & haven't been very interested in reading the book (although i probably should if i want to be better informed :rolleyes: )
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    I liked The Blind Watchmaker too. It was probably the funniest and most entertaining of his books that I've read.
  9. Anyway i got both (second hand from a friend) and started on Guns,germs and Steel. Very good IMO and cant stop reading.
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