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How are they doing it?

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    I was reading he could possibly have transmitter at his shoe; he did take a look at the bill. But I'd like more thoughts on this one; I just don't buy it.
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    Yeah, if he's able to see it, he's communicating it to her.

    I'd like to see him doing it in a Speedo.

    No, scratch that. I'd like to read about him doing it in a Speedo. :eek:
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    Thanks davenn, your Like seems to have been the last tickie-box that got me awarded some forum award. :smile:
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    My guess: the bill doesn't come from Simon. He switched it with another one, with the girl having memorized its serial number.

    However, it's hard to tell because we don't get a continuous view of him, and these clips contain lots of edits.
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