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How big a deal is this?

  1. Oct 23, 2007 #1
    hey physics grad school gurus,

    i am an undergraduate senior applying to physics graduate school for next fall.

    working with one of my advisors we published a proceedings paper for the 2007 SPIE noise and fluctations conference this year. ( http://spie.org/x6628.xml )

    how different is this from publishing a paper in a physics journal? are proceedings papers the same as papers accepted in physics journals? or are they less of a big deal in the eyes of graduate physics admissions boards? do they matter at all?

    thanks for your input!
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    SPIE's not bad.

    It's not a journal publication, in that you usually know the reviewers (your colleagues), but you can put it down as published proceedings.

    e2a: for me it's more about presenting current, unfinished work.

    Also, I've had reviewers for journals tell me my stuff's not new because it's already appeared in my SPIE articles -- of course, they have to be argued down. These days, I like to fill the SPIE pages with large pictures :smile:
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