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How big is the wave?

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    A prophecy predicted in 1994 God would be mean to Guam: "The island of Guam is sunk after being hit by a tidal wave from an Earthquake in Japan and a subsequent volcanic eruption."

    So... I was wondering, how big would the wave have to be to do damage to a 35 x 6 mile island?
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    The earthquake will not generate enough of a wave to be of significant harm. HOWEVER, under the correct conditions a landslide hitting the ocean from a significant height can generate a TREMENDOUS wave. In the '50s a landslide into a bay in Alaska generated a wave which cleaned the banks of bay 500m above sea level. YES I mean 500 METERS. .5km, think about that!

    Now for the fun part! There is an island in Azores which has a fault structure which is cocked and ready to slide. The wave generated could be as much as 900m high, it would not dissipate until it hits the East Coast of the US, this wave could erase every city on the US east coast.

    My source for this is a Science Channel program broadcast in the last 2 weeks.

    So if the Japanese volcano, should trigger a landslide which hits the ocean and is on a coast which could send a km high wave toward Guam.... How well do you Swim?
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    Sorry for butting in, I prey every night for this wave to hit and destroy east coast USA.
    Maybe our enemy #1 Osama could blow up azores volcano?
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    I've seen that show before. Didn't they say it's not a question of "if" it will happen but "when"?
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    yep, and the next show talked about a monster meteor crashing into the earth. It's not a question of if it will happen, but when. Then the show after that talked about terrorists getting their hands on radioactive material and building a dirty bomb. It's not a question of if it will happen, but when. then the next show talked about a virus like AIDS becoming airborne. It's not a....if..when. then the next show talked about the ozone layer, then the expanding universe, then the death of our Sun then...
    face it we are doomed. It's not a matter of if, but when
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    All tsunamis are DANGEROUS!!!!! Just ask Ivan... :rofl: :rofl:
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    The wave is actually called a megatsinami, the one in Alaska was a smalle one, in Lituya Bay, Alaska, in 1958. A magnitude 7.5 earthquake on July 8 nearby generated a landslide. Comparison with previous photographs indicated that several hundred feet of ice had been removed from the front of a nearby glacier by the 520 meter high wave.

    It is a "when," scientists are very sure that "La Palma," in the Canary Islands, will cause a megatsunami during the 1949 eruption of a volcano on the island, the western half of the 5.5 trillion ton, "Cumbre Vieja ridge," slipped several metres downwards into the Atlantic Ocean. It is believed that this process was driven by the pressure caused by the rising magma heating and vaporising water trapped within the structure of the island, causing the island's structure to be pushed apart. During an eruption that is anticipated to occur sometime within the next few thousand years the western half of the island, will catastrophically smash into the ocean. This will inevitably, and imminantly generate a megatsunami which will travel across the Atlantic and strike the Caribbean and the Eastern American seaboard several hours later with a smaller wave of around 90 meters, 300 feet, high, resulting in massive coastal devastation.

    The island of Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, and a few of the Hawaiin Islands are also expected to produce megatsunamis, but in a REALLY long time,
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    ever play tsunami in the bath tub? back and forth back and forth. You squish when you step out of the tub onto the carpet.
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    I play Tsunami everywhere I go. (I hope to work up a pretty good sized one for my trip to Hawaii in February.) I never squish. :biggrin:
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    if you don't squish you aren't doing it right
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