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How bout an eonomics forum

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    As econophysics is an increasingly important field of physics, and we have forums on other sciences how bout a forum on economics?

    personally I've become increasingly interested in economics as a subject and I think that having a foru on economics would be a wonderful opbout the subportunity for people to learn a bit more about the subject.
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    Seems as though there are too few threads on economics to justify a forum for it. But at present it looks like the word "Economics" on the Social Sciences forum label is truncated, which may make it harder to locate the proper forum.
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    yeah I hadn't seen it there at all, I would venture to guess that if we created the forum as a separate section a lot more traffic would show up.

    EDIT: why would such a forum be superfluous?
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    because this is a physics forum and CLEARLY there is not enough interest for this topic
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    That's not how things work here at PF. Now forums get created if and when there is a clear demand for such a forum. At the present time, I would not say that there are enough threads to warrant a new forum for Economics.
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    I hoped no one missed my suggestion earlier. I propose we remove the word "Archaeology" and replace it with "Economics" since Archaeology is covered by the History and Humanities subforum.
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    I've added the full word "economics" now
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    Right, now it's more visible.
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