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Homework Help: How can I calculate overall taper holding force?

  1. Aug 16, 2012 #1
    1. A give force (1320N or 296lbs) is applied to a tool holder in upward direction by a constant force spring into a socket, the tool holder and socket are tapered (8.29722deg or 8deg 17min 50sec).

    2. What is the force required for the tool holder to slip (certainly it cannot be equal to the applied force because the taper magnifies the holding/friction force)?

    I need to know this so I can adjust the constant force spring pressure to be three specific values depending on requirements.

    The force value is given for ISO10 sized tool holders and the taper is a standard used for most ISOxx tool holders and mating sockets.

    For ISO15 the force is 1700N (381lbs)
    For ISO20 the force is 3000N (672lbs)
    for ISO25 the force is 4000N (896lbs)

    3. I've tried googling for a solution but not familiar with the terminology or knowing exactly what I am looking for makes it daunting so asking someone more qualified is the road I have taken.

    I have attached the technical information for the ISO10 tool holder incase some of the information is pertinent or required to figure out the force.

    The socket matches the dimensions of the taper (Width x Length x Angle) or is 90% of the length.
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