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How can I calculate torque

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    I am building an electric go kart , and i'm just trying to get my initial justifications correct, with respect to the classical physics involved.
    SPECS: motor rpm 1600
    : motor output watts 425
    :gear reduction ratio 10:1
    . The Motor i have has a max RPM of 1600, an anyone show me best how to perform these calculations ? i understand that i need acceleration if that is the case can i just say i would like the car to accelerate to 60km/h in 10 seconds. please provide me the best specification with above details,
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    jack action

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    Although an electric motor can often produce more power for a short period of time, you will probably no be able to reach 60 km/h with 425 W. You would require about 3 times that power to reach 60 km/h in 10 s. Play around with this simulator and read the theory about it to learn more.
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