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How can i connect two pc through USB

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    i have a problem. how can i connect two pc's thruogh USB, the problem is, i want to know basics that is i want how its work, i dont want to just connect but i want to make that software which makes connection but i need the easiest way to do so. thank you
    Afzaal Ahmad
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    I do not think a network connection can be established through a USB cord. You can put 2 USB network adapters in and use a CAT5 line to connect the computers. Do you really know how to program?
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    I have done this with a special USB lead (connections mirror imaged at either end) and a program called PC linq or PC link or something like that. It was cheap, quick and simple. PC linq sell the lead and the program. Try a search on Google
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    The easiest way to do it is to use CAT5 cables and set up a a basic network.

    I'm not sure why you would want to connect them through USB.
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    I wanted to do it through USB because i thought it would be super convenient. Setting up a real network is a lil harder though but bleh, i was just a kid :D
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    So it was the new shiney fetish that got you?
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