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Homework Help: How can i evaluate trig functions?

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    however stupid it sounds, I dont know how to evaluate trig functions with my calculator... ex.

    d(t) =0.5cos2t

    how do i solve for t (lets say t is 2). Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure what you are asking. It would appear that you don't want to "solve" for t but you want to determine the values of d(t) for various values of t.

    If that's the case, enter a value of t into your calculator, mutiply it by 2, press the [COS] button and multiply the result by 0.5. That will give you the value of d for the specifice value of t you entered. Repeat for different values of t as often as needed.

    If you actually meant "solve for t" then you have a real problem with your standard calculator!
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    what calculator have u got??
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