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How can I find ? / Can anyone PLEASE help me?

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    How can I find a product(detergent) that contains(in it's ingredients) calcium polysulfides?
    (I don't know chemistry at all)

    I don't know what exactly are those. I have read on the ingredient list on many products but on none wrotes exactly calcium polysulfides? maybe many of those that I've already read contain this, but I didn't knew.

    I need to find the equivalent of some detergent products like:
    Lime Sulfur; Pesticides(I don't know which); Lysol toilet bowl cleaner; Dandruff shampoos; etc.

    I would have been easy if I would have lived in America because the list with this products can be found there. But I don't live in America and I need to find equivalents for this products. I'm in Europe.

    Can anyone please please tell/help me?
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