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How can I find the band structure of a molecule by knowing its absorption spectrum?

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    Hi, my name is Hans Lindroth and I have difficulties understanding how to determine the band structure of a chemical substance (in this case rhodamine B) experimentally, given I have the absorption spectrum of it. Is there anybody out there who can help me with this?

    If you can please help me, I'd be grateful.
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    Do you actually have crystals of Rh-B (or are you using it as a marker in another material) ?
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    Heat it up and look at its spectrum. Are you in a lab or physics department or something? You should get its emission spectra this way.
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    Well this is simple :wink: . Just go to a synchrotron light source and perform an XAS measurement. From that you can extract the band structure.
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    How about eels, electron energy loss spectroscopy. This can be performed on a sem, however as far as I know it will only give elemental decomposition
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