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How can I improve my English

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    I want to make my own notes of whatever sir says in class i mean how to take lecture notes ... but my english is weak ... please give me some tips ...
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    I'll add that practice includes reading as well as writing. In addition, corrections help. I learned a lot of Spanish by participating in alt.usage.spanish (on Usenet), where we discussed various things and people corrected my errors. Alt.usage.english might work for you. There are probably many other forums where you can get involved in discussing things that interest you and people will correct your errors in English. (In most forums, though, correction of people's language is discouraged.)
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    In your free time, you might want to watch english movies/tv-shows without subtitles. Very rough in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it very quickly. This is essentially how I learned english.

    Participating on english forums (such as this one) helps too, especially if you actively ask people to correct your mistakes. For example, for a long time I had in my signature that I appreciated any corrections of english mistakes.

    And of course reading english books helps too. This can be about anything, even technical physics books.

    The main components to understand a language are reading, writing, listening and talking. Talking will likely be difficult in a foreign country. But the other three should be possible to do.
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    And let me give some suggestions:

    1) The word "I" should always be a capital letter. I don't really know why that is, but that's the way it is.
    2) "Sir" is probably your teacher. Of course you can call your teacher sir, but that's only when you talk to him directly. If you talk to us about your teacher, then you should say "my teacher" or "my professor".
    3) Ending a sentence with "..." is allowed, but it's not good practice to do it three times in a row.
    4) Sentences start with a capitcal letter.

    Hope that helped!
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    I think you should listen the English as long as you can. Listening always helps in improving your language. A child listens to his/her parents and starts speaking the same language. Secondly you must try to speak, no matter if it is wrong. This is the only way you will be able to learn good skills of the language.
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    Ok can you please suggest me some websites so that i can learn english ... and thanx for help me
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    It looks like helping you is a waste of time.
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    Sorry .. I have forgotten to write I in capital ..
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    I like using language groups. Try meetup.com and find English conversation groups in your area
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    I read books, watch movies with and without subtitles and I also wrote a lot in English (not typed, wrote with my own hand), hence my spelling is nigh impeccable (ego). PS! I am not a native speaker, English is my third language.
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    Well nigh impeccable, indeed! Your English is better than a lot of Americans whose first language is English.
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    That may be the case, but I am not really satisfied. I can do fine in a regular chat, but I struggle with specific vocabulary: mathematical analysis related vocabulary, for instance. Another point is that I don't really consider knowing English all that impressive, since we are all surrounded by it. I would be much more content were I able to speak Swedish/Norwegian, English is .. a means to an end, it sounds horrible, I know.
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    Aren't English subtitles helpful?
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    Sure, and sometimes they are necessary. But from experience I found out you learn to understand English much quicker and better if you do it without subtitles. However, you must know English pretty well already to be able to understand it without subtitles.
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    Do you enjoy playing video games? I found it a quick and enjoyable way of learning language, thanks to it I can improve my English and some basics of Japanese katakana. And for a student, of course reading English textbooks.
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    Thank you guys for giving me advice and tips . I will try .
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    For some reason, I felt proud :)
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