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How can I make?

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    Hi:biggrin: ,
    I am again, I wanna know How I can make simple rectifier, If you can give me graph for rectifier.

    I appreciate it :approve:
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    I googled the following for you:

    +rectifier +tutorial

    and got lots of hits. The first one looks pretty instructive. Hope that helps.
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    if he's asking how to build a pn junction i'd think he'd have a hard time getting doped silicon, geranium would probably be easyier, i found a link for a homemade tube diode. maybe i'm reading to much into this. :rolleyes:
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    Have you ever seen the old selenium rectifiers.
    http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~postr/MRT/SelRecD.htm [Broken]
    I thought the packaging was cool.

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    LOL, Don. That's almost surreal. I wonder who the heck the customers were for this stuff...

    http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~postr/MRT/NTUaAD.htm [Broken]
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    from what i know back in the day most people would take there tubes to the local hardware store, use the tube tester and buy tubes as needed. working with electronics seemed to have a lot less of a nerdy image back then to.
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    Berkeman, you're forgetting that in the old days of electronics it was not uncommon at all to be replacing parts in TVs and radios quite often. I'm sure these sort of things were sold wherever tubes were sold. Quite likely at the corner drugstore.
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    That's funny.... What you said brought back memories from my childhood (late 60's?) of seeing Tube Tester stations in some stores. You'd plug in your tube to see if it was weak, and then you could buy replacement tubes there.

    Anyway, sorry that we hijacked your thread, OP. Did you get what you needed?
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    How did karim102 make out with the simple rectifier?
    Perhaps karim could get some http://mineral.galleries.com/minerals/sulfides/galena/galena.htm [Broken]
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    thanks alot Ouabache, it is so great, I will do it so soon.
    I appreciate it man
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