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How can I undertsand calculus better?

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    I don't understand it at all! I haven't taken trigometry yet, and it is very confusing to me. I know some algebra thoug, although I dont know the mirror function thing, and the quadratic formula and am still learning factoring and FOIL

    I read Calculus For Dummies but I just asked a question on if there was a infinite amount of numbers between 2 numbers (ie 1 and 2) and these people answer me with these calculus inequalities and with a word called 'sup' which I haven't heard at all only in slang!

    I think i remember that 2<x<2 is the same as x>2<2 but I dotn remember much
    I Forgot alot of basic math too

    Its scary because I know one girl who was great in geometry and algebra, and was a tutor, and when she got into caluclus and trig she did horrible at it! My teacher wanted to be a mathemation but couldnt understand imaginionary numbers so he quit his dream! Now hes a teacher making barely minmum wage!

    I want to be a physcist but I doubt I can do. I only have an average IQ!
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    You really need a strong background in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to understand calculus. I would suggest working on those first.
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    Yes most definitely. I would say that your algebra skills will be most important at first, then you will use more trig. later on. Definitely know both well though!

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    ya if i could do it again, i'd sharpen up my algebra & trig skills. i think i'd also go over all kinds of different functions like floor/ceiling, etc & their graphs.
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