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How can i?

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    i want to master physics and science(mot all but the more i know, the better it is). on the other hand i want to find a job that fit with that academic subject?
    can you give me some advice for that idea?/
    can you show me how to start to study nuclear physics, such as where i should begin, what documents i need, is these document in PF..?
    i thanks you so much for your advices.
    have a good day!
    thanks a gain!
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    The first step is learning mathematics.

    Do you know any Algebra or Calculus?
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    i have already study general calculus and study a little bit of physics. but i don't know any thing a bout modern physics and einstein theory of relativity.
    can you give me some help for those?
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    You should start out with introductory physics and work your way up to modern physics. Schools in the United States start with classical mechanics, then electricity and magnetism. Calculus becomes necessary when you reach higher levels of mechanics. You can look into some textbooks like Fundamental Physics by Holliday and Resnick to start out.
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    Like what's already been said, you'll have to work your way up to modern physics or you won't stand a chance. Look in the table of contents (http://books.google.com) of any first-year undergraduate textbook to get an idea of the order concepts are generally learnt.

    If your still itching to know a bit more about modern physical ideas in the mean time, then you can always pick up some popular science books from you're local library or bookstore.
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    thanks a lot!
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