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How can people do nothing?

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    In the past month, I've had extremely little free time. The past two weeks I have been home about 6 hours a day, the rest at the library and at school.... Anyway, now that nearly everything at school is done with, I decided to relax today and do nothing productive. I replied to some old emails, watched mythbusters either forget or not worry about Bernoulli's principle, watched a movie, and even played a video game... How can people live like this? It was extremely boring :eek: :zzz: :zzz:

    I would have gone out with some friends, but most were working or studying :/
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    Yeah I can take a day or two or it before I'm bored out of my mind. I don't get how people can stand not to get a summer job during summer break....I need it just for something to do and of course the money haha
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    Video games
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    your post is... insightful? huh:confused:

    v dub
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    some people just dont have much ambition for whatever reason. maybe it could just be that they dont know what their "purpose" is, or they would like to do one thing or another but dont think that they can for some reason. i like how jose ortega y gasset put it:


    (by the time i went to bed saturday morning i had gotten ~4 1/2 hours of sleep since wednesday at lunchtime. i got a job marking exams for thursday/friday & didnt take time off my other job, & couldn't go directly from one job to the other since there was 4-5hrs between each one. i can make great demands of myself when i want to :tongue: )
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    We aint all high achievers, Tex. Gaugin had an audience for a reason.
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    It's all habit. You're used to being busy so it seems normal to you. You seek it because it's your baseline. If you had nothing to do for an extended period of time: months, gravity and friction would slow you to a pace you never believed possible for yourself.
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    I can sympathize with you here, I've had an extremely productive semester, but now that everything has been done, I don't seem to possess what Damasio might deem as "extended consciousness" (look it up in Wikipedia if you're curious to know what it is). That aspect of intelligence and pure talent which drives some of us forward and others left to fight off the tendency to digress to a moron (you can also look this up in Wikipedia too:biggrin: ).

    And in agreement with fourier jr, I feel that I'm piling up worries here and there, apparently I'm not the selfish type. But I would rather be constructive to my own abilities then sacrifice myself for "the good of mankind" and appear totally lost and foolish.
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    I do not have very many friends in my hometown, this summer has been very boring for me so far, but I hopfully will be going off to work soon.
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    Some people have little choice, some people have pleanty of choice yet still decide to live that way, your view is arogant and very narrow minded in my opinion.

    And my choice of the word "Choice" is intended to mean the choice of the individual based on factors that they calculate, in their decision making process, and not the choice as viewed from a neutral observer ( lack of bias in making such choices, weighting bias etc ). If we could all remain entirley neutral in all choices in this life, we wouldnt be much as individuals.

    The nature of bias, consious & unconscious decision making, and how it forms is the subject of psycology i think.

    Try looking at it from the viewpoint of others.
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    I spent last week working hard, fairly physically demanding job, and was tired by the weekend, but had an assessment to do I spent about 6 hours straight working on Saturday and another 4 or 5 on Sunday untill I had it finished; What I wouldn't give for a few days off; ah but next week I'll be off for a whole week, a few days without the aches and pains of overworked legs and a number of moments of sheer unadulterated idleness, a vaccuous carefree convalescence, meandering from reading a book or idle contemplation, maybe a bit of study and then nothing at all of any import, absolute bliss.:smile:

    Some people aren't happy unless they are doing something, I find to my way of thinking at least, that that's just as odd and unbalanced as spending the majority of your time doing nothing. Each to his own though :smile:
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