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Homework Help: How can prove logx< x^1/2

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    How can prove logx< x^1/2 for x>1
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    What have you tried so far? Perhaps induction will work
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    Here's one approach:

    Define [tex]f(x) = \sqrt{x} - \ln(x)[/tex].

    See if you can show that [tex]f(1) > 0[/tex] and [tex]f'(x) \geq 0[/tex] for [tex]x \geq 1[/tex].

    That would do it. Do you see why?

    [Edit] Oops, that won't work, because it isn't true that [tex]f'(x) \geq 0[/tex] for [tex]x \geq 1[/tex]!

    So try this instead-- find the minimum value of f by solving [tex]f'(x) = 0[/tex]. If the minimum is positive (and it is), then you are done.
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