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I How can we consider a complex number as two separate real numbers for in X and Y plane?

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    How is it possible to ignore the addition sign and imaginary number without contradicting fundamental Mathematics?

    I find it difficult to understand.
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    We don't ignore anything. Don't contradict anything either.
    is not correct. Where did you get this ?
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    It is just a different way to represent the numbers.
    By giving the real and imaginary part of a complex number you can uniquely identify this number.

    An analogy in the positive integers: You can write every number by its prime factorization.
    You can write 2*3*5 or "2,3,5" instead of 30. Same thing, just written in a different way, and there is a 1:1 relation between numbers and their prime factorization.
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    True that. I have edited it. But my question is correct and after thinking about it, I have found the answer myself. I just find it hard to put into words the exact thing in my mind. That's why the question is incomprehensible. But I think fresh_42 has understood my question.

    Thank you for the answer BvU :)
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